Decks and Decking are structures that provide an attractive outdoor area with a natural feel. These days they can either be constructed in any hardwood timberor from various different composites on the market.

The applications can vary from having it as a deck on top of concrete or paving, around your pool, walkway or elevated above the ground.

The most common way to construct a timber deck is by using SABS treated pine for your support structure followed by your choice of decking planks (hardwoods or composite). The big advantage of adding a timber deck is the quick and easy process of installation to create that extra living space compare to other more traditional building methods.

*All our timber decks are guaranteed against workmanship for 3 years and adhere to the SABS 082 code of conduct of timber buildings.



Pergola’s are attractive outdoor structures that add an architectural dimension to your property.

They help filter sunlight and with the addition of a screen can provide privacy. If covered or roofed a pergola can be used as an outdoor living area.  It also keeps the interior of your house cooler by shading walls that would otherwise be in full sun. Pergola’s could be constructed from various timbers all depending on your requirement and finish.


Screens are the perfect solution to filter sunlight and for creating privacy.

They are usually installed outside windows or glass doors and can be regulated individually by means of a sliding mechanism.

The beauty of a sliding screen is that you can still enjoy your view while it serves its purpose. Screens are manufactured only from the most stable hardwood timbers and can also be seen as acting as a safety barrier.



Enclosures are the alternative to creating the perfect indoor/outdoor entertainment room in timber, instead of concrete bringing the outdoors inside.

The possibilities are endless and could be constructed in various options of timber.