At Prodecking we only use the best and finest materials, depending on the application and location of the product.

All our products are mainly constructed from hardwoods and due to the nature of the availability of materials, we work closely with our suppliers ensuring that we give you the best possible product. All our suppliers adhere to the strict guidelines of the controlled forestry programs in that given country.

As much as we are passionate about timber we respect our environment and will not support any companies that have no respect for the future of our world. We would help you to make the right choice and advise you on what works due to our experience in working with most of the different types of timber.

Dark reddish-brown, open grain timber with excellent termite and rot resistance. Highly durable.

Timber decks, Pergola’s, Screens


Material Region Description Application
BALAU South-East Asia Yellow-brown to dark brown fine texture with interlocking grain. Noted for its strength and durability. Timber decks, Pergola’s, Screens
Eucalyptus Cladocalyx (Sugar Gum) South Australia Yellow-brown to honey colour fine texture with interlocking grain. Noted for its strength and durability, while maintaining a beautiful appearance. Timber decks, Pergola’s
GARAPA South America Golden to  yellowish-brown medium texture with a straight or interlocked grain. Noted for its durability. Timber decks
IPE Central & South America Varies in colour from reddish brown to more yellowish olive brown and even blackish brown. Fine to medium texture with grain varying from straight to irregular or interlocked. Noted for its durability, hardness, insect resistance and weather resistance. Timber decks
JARRAH (Sustainable) Western Australia Dark reddish-brown, open grain timber with excellent termite and rot resistance.Highly durable. Timber decks, Pergola’s, Screens
JATOBA Central & South America; West Indies Light orangish-brown to darker reddish brown, sometimes with darker grayish brown streaks. Medium to coarse texture with a typically interlocked grain. Noted for its density ad hardness.
MASSARANDUBA South America Reddish brown timber with straight interlocking grain. Extremely hard and durable. Timber decks, Screens


Due to the political and environmental pressure and issues concerning the deforestation of the worlds remaining forests and trees, composite materials have become an alternative for decking. Composite materials are mainly manufactured from recycled materials and will not have the same characteristics, appearance and feel as natural timbers.

The major advantages of using such materials rather than timbers are that you have a more stable product that does not require any maintenance. Composites come in different profiles, colour and sizes and each different product from different companies will have to be installed according to their instruction manuals.

We are proud to be preferred installers of On-The-Deck’s Trex range of composites.


On The Deck is a versatile, dynamic company with a resourceful team that is passionate about supplying the South African and Sub-Saharan African market with niche outdoor lifestyle solutions.  Our core business is the specification and supply of composite decking and cladding, timber decking and cladding, engineered timber cladding, decorative hardwood and stainless steel privacy screens and outdoor lighting solutions.